week one is drawing to a close

Colorado is just lovely! We are living in the most beautiful house in the woods…High Forest Ranch is the name of the subdivision and everything out here is just open spaces and blue skies! All the modern amenities in a very rustic setting. Alex’s is loving his new job which makes going to work a delight. And Hope and I are just adjusting to living in someone else’s home…we are currently living in a three bedroom, two bathroom basement with a living room and office area. The back sliding doors open to a back porch…so the only ones really suffering are Lucky and Molly. They can’t roam around out back like they did at home due to the fact that there are no fences so we recently purchased them a back yard doggie “play pen” and I’m not sure they’re convinced yet that it’s a nice place to be.

We’ll be back in Albuquerque this weekend for Mother’s Day and to see friends…Hope is being dedicated at Hoffmantown on Sunday. Tomorrow Alex is planning to do another open house…the sooner we sell our home in Albuquerque the sooner we can finish moving up here…I keep reminding myself that “the joy is in the journey”!


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