Friday Fun Day

It’s all about the fun! Today was our first ever Friday Fun Day…not knowing anyone who doesn’t work a 9-5 job up here has made it a bit easier to just hang around the house and the neighborhood. So today as I was feeding Hope her second meal of rice & pears I decided that it would be fun to start a Friday Fun Day. The criteria is that we get slightly more dressed up than normal and go do something, anything, fun that’s an activity out of the ordinary. So, off to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby we went. I wanted to compare prices for the supplies I’ll need to create a one of a kind piece of artwork for Hope’s Colorado nursery. And now, whenever the time comes, I’ll be ready! Other than the Martha Stewart section, which is very chic, I prefer Hobby Lobby. Not only do I enjoy all the Christian instrumental music that is constantly playing but it is just so much BIGGER! More variety equals more possibilities! And today all the pottery pieces were 50% off…no purchases were made but I did find a pedestal bowl that would make a lovely place to keep fruit. Plus Hope, true to form, really enjoyed looking at her shoes! I loved showing Hope various items and letting her touch them…it’s the best thing to see life through the eyes of a child…right now for instance, my little lovey girl is holding my fingers as I type. Everyone needs to be reminded to slow down and either literally or figuratively, smell the roses. Another plus was that I located all the supplies I’ll need for the project so all in all, Friday Fun Day #1 was a huge success!

Alex just took Molly to have her razor sharp cat claws clipped and then we have big plans to devour pizza and watch HGTV…that is one of the (many!) perks of living with the Seabolts…I get to catch up on all my favorite design shows. Hope is contentedly playing in her Baby Einstein activity center and loves it. I’m so glad to have it because the little darling hates tummy time, but, understandably so, is sick of laying on her back to play with things. Occasionally she voices frustration that the toys are stuck to the tray but mostly she just spins around, checking out whatever comes into her line of sight next…the makings of ADHD.

Next week will be the first time our little family has been apart…after we drive to Albuquerque on Tuesday, Hope and I will head to Vegas for a short trip to see my dad while Alex goes to Austin to be in a friends wedding…I think this is wedding number 12 for him, not including ours. Poor guy…at least there is no tux rental for this one!


One Response to “Friday Fun Day”

  1. ann Says:

    Hey Stacey! I’m so excited about your blog. I think you may have had it awhile now, but I just started one recently, so I am keeping up more with other ones. I will add yours as a link to mine. I can’t believe you’re not in ABQ anymore! I like your little Friday Fun Day. It doesn’t take long for a baby to get old enough to need a special little outing. I am just so thankful we’re getting into some great weather, so we can get outside more. I’m so jealous you got to see Kai. And Happy First Mother’s Day!

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