Weekend Fun

For our first official family outing in Colorado Springs we settled on Garden of the Gods. Neither of us had ever been there and our lovely host said it would be the perfect place for a stroller and the dogs so Saturday we loaded everything up and headed out. It was absolutely beautiful! We had a great time “explaining” just how God formed the rocks the way they are and Hope was, as always, mesmerized by her shoes. Everywhere we looked there were people scaling the sides of the formations and about a million others just there to enjoy the sights.

Sunday we visited a little church here, Crossroads Chapel, that came recommended by a dear pastor friend back at Hoffmantown. It’s a very small congregation which that appeals to us for the sake of community and fellowship, but we’re going to visit a few churches and see where God would have us to plant.

Camilla mentioned the other night that she would be interested in having Alex lead worship at the Monday night Bible study that will start up again this Fall…answered prayer for him as he’s been looking forward to serving in that capacity for some time. Hope has settled in here at the Seabolts, misses her Auntie Kristin (who was dropping by daily before we came up here) but loves seeing Auntie Kels more. She loves the newest addition to her family circle in her Nana (as Camilla is now called) and is officially eating sweet potatoes. It’s so fun feeding her solids…I love to cook them, freeze them and then serve ’em up hot! and she likes to eat them…it’s a good thing we have going on.

Below are some pics from our excursion Saturday…lovely!


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