Summerlin and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Towards the end of May Alex headed to Austin to be in his 12th (?) wedding so Hope and I boarded a plane for Summerlin, Nevada to visit my Dad. Hope did amazing on the plane and we had a great time visiting Pappy. There are a few pics below from our trip as well as pics from a recent visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo…the most wonderful zoo! When you enter, there is a platform that puts you at eye level with the largest herd of captive giraffes. So we fed them crackers, took a few pics and proceeded to tour the zoo…which is literally on the side of the mountain and looks out over all of Colorado Springs.

Hello grizzly bears…

Hello porcupine…

Hello giraffe…

My…Pappy’s cutting saddle horn looks like it just might fit in my mouth…

Hope at Pappy’s table ready for breakfast

Admiring the fish tank at Mandalay Bay

At Red Rocks National Monument


Sushi…picture taken by tipsy waitress

Arriving in Vegas


One Response to “Summerlin and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo”

  1. ann Says:

    Hi Stacey! Just wanted to say that Hope really is the cutest little thing. I know you just eat up those little cheeks! Also, those pictures are beautiful of the landscape. I really do miss the desert and I never thought I would say that. Hope all is well!

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