it’s for fun

It is late…I realize this yet something inside my brain has great difficulty shutting down at night. Alex doesn’t seem to suffer from this so he’s sleeping before his head hits the pillow most nights which leaves me to wait for exhaustion to set in all alone…so lonesome ;). So I decided that it would be a great time for me to write tonight…Happy 4th of July! Most mornings on my walk I think of brilliant things that manage to escape my brain by the time I make it home. Something about being outside in the fresh air just gets me in a whimsical and talkative mood…only to walk down the road talking to the dogs or even Hope for that matter gets to looking a little strange so typically I just think funny things to myself and try to get a list going so I can put them to “paper” once I get home. HOWEVER, if you saw the hill I had to climb at the end of our hour excursion there would be no explanation necessary for why all my “brilliant” thoughts are no where to be gathered by the time I hit the top.

Today was lovely though…last night it hailed at the Seabolts…I actually have pictures but posting pictures often keeps me from writing because it all gets to be a little much…and rained for quite some time and so this morning the second my troops and I set forth from the garage we were embraced by a million sounds from nature. Everything just came so alive after the down pour. The frogs were croaking and the birds were singing…a symphony right at our door step. I can only imagine what creation would sound like apart from the falleness of it all when I hear the sounds I heard today. It was so invigorating and gave reason to be still. Plus, I can’t think of a more pleasant aroma than the one that exists after rain…wonderful! The trees that have that vanilla smell in the bark seem to just explode with fragrance!

We wrapped up the day by watching the fire works at the Academy from the back patio at CBS…Hope loved the tree moving in the wind about ten feet from us and I’m pretty sure she didn’t so much as notice the fireworks. A girl after my own heart I tell you…no need for pomp and flair, the simple things seem to suit her just fine.

On the note of Hope, a great deal has been happening in her sweet little life. For example, every night I sit her on the potty before putting her in the bath…there’s no expectation for anything to actually occur and no, I’m not in favor of the philosophy that a parent should begin potty training from birth…I simply decided that it might not be a bad idea to just begin forming positive associations with things like the potty so that when the time comes for that phase of training to begin she won’t be on overload. Anyway, it just so happens that by sheer coincidence she actually did go potty in the potty the other night! And because everything she does is absolute genius 🙂 we made a big to do about it as if our precious little 6 month old daughter had done it intentionally!

Ahh, at last…the fatigue is setting in so off to bed I head! Happy 5th of July now and good night!


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