much longer than 5 days!

I was reading my friend Ann’s blog…scouring it for any baby news I could find…and I realized that I had gone much longer than the five days Ann mentioned going…so, here’s to a new blog!

We are officially moved into our new home, Alex is back in school and I’m attempting to train Molly how to tell me, by ringing a bell, that she needs to go potty. First, Molly goes potty a million times a day…second, she’s not really into the bell so poor girl that she is, she’s spending most of her time in her kennel these days. She’s been a good sport about it though.

We’re nearly moved into our home, the office is the last room to be unpacked and I’m DYING to pick up a paint brush and get painting. Then I get to thinking about the actual process and decide that waiting a bit longer isn’t such a bad idea.

Hope is standing up all by herself…she’ll sit on the floor…get in a downward dog (for all my fat blasting yoga friends!) and push up into a standing position…it’s pretty cute and I can’t believe she’s so close to walking…9 months as of yesterday and it’s going by so fast! She’s into everything it seems…nothing is safe…and the one outlet I left uncovered so I could easily plug the sweeper into she found, and oh yes, stuck her finger into. It was green for a few days…a little corner of her finger tip.

Alex is loving being back at school and since it’s only one night a week it’s not too bad…however on Mondays he has a Bible study with CBS that he attends as a work requirement, which makes it sound like he doesn’t want to be there but he really enjoys it plus he’s leading worship…where was I? Oh, Monday and Wednesdays are REALLY long days, but Hope is going to be at about 6:30 every night so I have time to decompress…

Kels got married and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. Yay for Mrs. Hall!!!

And now that we’re in the house I’ve been able to focus on Mona Vie. It’s a great product…legitimate and has a health benefit that everyone could use plus I’m making money. It would be like Alexander Flemming asking you or I to tell someone about penicillin…knowing what we know about the way that product took the medical community by force…

Hope is waking up and this has been really good to just type…more later!!!


One Response to “much longer than 5 days!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Stacey! It’s so good to have an update on your lives. I hope to see some pictures of the new house soon…

    It’s amazing to think of how much Hope must have changed since I’ve seen her. Glad things are going well for you and Alex.

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