I’m watching The View…John McCain is on and I’m going a little nuts b/c the lovely hosts are not allowing him to answer.

On another note, it rained all night last night and into this morning, it was actually drizzling when Molly and I went for our run this morning…um, I would just like to say that I’ve never seen such large worms. They were nearly 7 or 8 inches long and as thick as shoe lace strings!

I would like to comment briefly on this Presidential election…it may not be the in our best interest to only provide the American people with two options. I’ve heard that argument. And it is good to desire change…no one disagrees. Being a Christian does not mean you must also be a Republican, I also agree with the theory of that but feel the argument lacks real validity because any intelligent person, Christian or otherwise should (and typically does) align with a political party that most closely agrees with that individuals personal beliefs…at this point in our country’s history, for a Bible believing Christian, the party that offers that happens to be the Republican party. The lesser of two evils. Not a broad brush stroke, there are exceptions to every rule, but in general. A country is only as strong as it’s weakest man/woman, this is valid and I agree. What I disagree with and feel strongly that every person should disagree with also, is a candidate who appears on the scene and offers so little tangible service and experience. I have a big problem with a man like Senator Obama being unwilling to take a position on basic voting and then having the audacity to think himself qualified to govern the United States. I know the media offers a bunch of hype and any thinking person should question and research to know what is legitimate and what is hype. A website I recommend that gives straight facts is the Library of Congress Thomas site…the address is

I suggest that each person get the facts about each candidate by looking at the Roll Call which is located at the bottom in the center of the home page. Issues are always hot during a campaign, but right now issues should come in a close second to previous experience. Get informed…I know we have a microwave, entertain me society however at this critical time in history it is so important we forsake our couch potato mentality for one of participation.

ON ANOTHER NOTE…Hope is SO FUNNY! She has recently started offering me her pacifier and kissing my toes. The pacifier typically comes at me backwards b/c she’s holding onto the sucker part, but I put it in my mouth anyway and the expression on her face is one of sheer satisfaction! As far as the kissing goes, at first I couldn’t figure out what she was doing and then I remembered that I’ve been “getting” her toes…so now, with an open mouth, she “kisses” my toes…it is so sweet because she goes in for a kiss then looks at me sideways and grins…it is adorable. She’s also really into “smelling” things she will suddenly scrunch up her little button nose, which in turn scrunches her whole face up, and start passionately blowing air in and out of her nose. To say the least, Hope lacks no personality… :0)


One Response to “Barbara…shh!”

  1. N and S Says:

    Hey Stacey, sorry I missed you last time. Hope you got my message. That’s a great site. Hope is too cute, Alex looks really skinny, are you becoming outdoorsmen?

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