I got side tracked

Hope woke up early from her nap so I thought I would continue to list the things that Alex and I currently consider genius…Hope is big on cooling off her food…and anything else that she determines needs to be blown at…she’ll be contentedly sitting in my lap and suddenly feel the need to blow. So with a full mouth of air she puckers her lips and well, blows. About the same time I started feeding Hope “solids” I also began instructing her in how to cough up food if it were to get stuck in her throat. The lesson would go something like this, “Hope if anything ever gets stuck in your throat, you cough, cough, cough it up” at which point I would proceed to cough to show her what I meant. Anyone who tries to tell you “they are just babies” is from another planet b/c for the last two or so months Hope will spontaneously cough up whatever she imagines is in her throat. Shallow, weak coughs…you’d need to see it to truly appreciate how sweet it is…and my favorite is still her smelling things…nothing like seeing her button nose all scrunched up to make my heart melt.


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