2 years and a funny girl!

Monday was officially our two year anniversary…it’s so hard to believe it’s been two years already. As we like to say, we met in Albuquerque, got married in California and fell in love in Colorado! This move has been so good for our marriage and we both feel the Lord has grown us together in such a deeper way being out of our comfort zone together! We celebrated with dinner at a Thai restaurant here and then out to coffee. Auntie Kels came to watch Hope and that was such a blessing though it took us about half an hour to figure out how to exist without her presence…that tells me we need regular date nights and fortunately my sister is more than happy to hang out with her favorite niece!

This morning Hope and I went out for diapers and it was so adorable. At the top of each row of baby items there are gigantic pics of babies…initially when she was pointing and reaching I assumed it was for the absurd amount of toys that lined the aisle and I was thinking “oh this is great…9 months and my little one has already been sucked into a consumer mentality…not good”. Then I realized her eyes were focused upward. She was waving and reaching for the babies in the pictures! Hope has always been really social and now she’s even branching out to inanimate babies…so sweet and inclusive of her!

We found out we (and by we I mean me) were pregnant with Hope 5 months into our life as a married couple. And now she’s 9 months so the better part of our marriage has been with baby…not something I would necessarily recommend but it has been a wonderful blessing for us and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it! She’s our lovey girl and brings so much joy to our lives!

So…two year re-cap…got married, bought a house, got pregnant, lost a job & then got another job, had a baby, decided to move and moved, started a new job, sold a house, bought another house, started school…all the makings for a stressful run at wedded bliss but God has been so faithful in giving us grace for today and hope for tomorrow and a relationship that has grown to be more than I could have hope for!!! So, here’s to the next year of marriage and all that is in store for the Paxson’s…


2 Responses to “2 years and a funny girl!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Happy Anniversary! It was good to chat with you yesterday.

  2. Amy Says:

    Happy Anniversary–we met when you were a newlywed! It’s great to hear that things are going so well for you all in CO.

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