those cheeks!!!

are not as chubby as the picture would lead an admirer to believe and it cracks me up every time I look at that picture!

Well…one step at a time and that’s what Hope was about yesterday. We were sitting on the floor in the kitchen and as she pushed herself up to a standing position yet again I could just see it in her eyes…she’s going to take a step I thought to myself. And she did. Then she was spread a little wider than she could balance and she plopped down on her bottom. I can hardly believe that we’re at that point already…

Today Alex will be getting off at 3 since he will be going to Michigan this weekend. Grateful for the afternoon together…we’re heading to the park and that usually looks a little something like this: 10 minutes in the swing and 20 minutes in the grass…maybe if we pack dinner we can stretch it out…

Construction is booming right along down River Birch and I found out two days ago it will continue to “boom” for about another year…speaking of which, I still need to post pictures of our new little home…

Earlier this morning I decided it would be fun to get a recipe I had seen a few days back off the Everyday Food website and as I was browsing around I found myself looking at Thanksgiving dishes. Now I know that it’s only September, but it IS mid-September and since we’re hosting Thanksgiving up here this year I decided to get started on a menu for the weekend…again, I know it’s September…AND I AM SO EXCITED!!! Since Hope’s birthday is a handful of days after we decided to throw a birthday party for her the same weekend of Thanksgiving…which, incidentally, had she not been two weeks late, would have been her birthday…anyway…it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!! and I can hardly wait to cook for everyone!!! I decided also to make the peanut butter muffins I tested out yesterday (big hit!) and doughnuts from Deceptively Delicious…they have hidden sweet potatoes in them! But I realized that I need to get a coffee maker. We’re not regular coffee drinkers but lately I’ve been feeling like I should start…AND I can’t rightly have people over for breakfast without offering coffee…my Mom and my father-in-law wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. And I’ve decided I really want to grind fresh coffee…I’m really interested in the process of things more than anything…plus it smells so delicious! However, I’m already compiling a list of items I’ll need my in-laws to bring up from Trader Joe’s…after a trek to Natural Grocer’s today I realized that this may be a long couple of years until I can write enough letters to get a TJ’s up here… :0). All that to say, it will be fun, fun, fun, and I’m so looking forward to it that I need to take a nap…


One Response to “those cheeks!!!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ooo, do start a coffee habit! I love coffee habits. AND you should try Intelligensia coffee. All direct trade, they have organic options and they roast as soon as you order then ship the next day. There is no going back after you try that stuff!

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