I should not even be writing this…

without posting the pictures at least simultaneously but…I am. This weekend Alex enjoyed all that Delta has to offer in the way of uncomfortable seats and “food” as he went to Grand Rapids for work. Typically I look forward to weekends as an opportunity to get a little relief and a good dose of family time that leaves me charged for the upcoming week. However, Alex will be spending a few more weekends away before the year is over so I thought it would be good to keep our time pretty full. We began the weekend by heading up to the outlets in Castle Rock with my pregnant friend Kelsey and her little boy Emery.

The fun began the moment we were loading the kiddos in the strollers…I have literally no clue the context in which I used the word “stupid” however sweet 2 year old Emery did. He turned to his mom and asked, “what is her name again?” Kelsey proceeded to tell him, “miss Stacey” at which point he looked at me and said, “miss Stacey, you shouldn’t say the word stupid, it’s not a good word.” I was so impressed with his willingness to speak up plus his ability to do so in such a kind, respectful way. So impressed in fact that I proceeded to tell friend Kelsey about sister Kelsey asking my mom at the wise old age of 3 if she could say “three bad languages…butt, shut-up, and stupid”. At this point in my story I heard Emery piping in again…”miss Stacey, you said stupid again”. I LOVED IT!!! and was reminded that it’s time for words like stupid to go…

Anyway…the day progressed and we ended up at Children’s Place where I proceeded to try every Halloween outfit hat on Hope…and this is where pictures would come in handy…but until I post them you’ll have to visualize sweet Hope in flower petals, a penguin, a turtle, a teddy bear…among other fabulous hats. I photographed all these with the intention of showing Daddy what Hope did all weekend and hands down my favorite pic is one I took of her in a beanie…pretty cute!

Saturday we headed to the Farmers Market and had a lovely time…we purchased a jar of Orange Blossom Honey…divine…a 6 pack of the most bland tamales I’ve ever had…and an assortment of veggies that I just wanted to eat on the spot!

Sunday was church and that meant Alex was back! I’m glad it only took him one trip to admit that the theory of traveling is much more glamorous than actually traveling. Needless to say, I’m glad he’s back!

In other news…HOPE TOOK FOUR CONSECUTIVE STEPS TODAY!!! FOUR!!! And she’s quite the dare devil I must say…fearless really. She is not about to waste time walking around holding onto furniture, little Hope just pushes herself up off the floor and charges forward and at what I think is a really quick pace for having so little experience walking. SO…here we go…toddling here we come!


One Response to “I should not even be writing this…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Can’t wait to see the picturs and WAY TO GO HOPE! What a stud!
    Also, this morning I remembered a message you left me on Monday, I think. Was I supposed to call you? I am not about to miss some precious Paxson time!

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