our new home

So…here are a few pictures of our new home…the one above is the exterior from the n/w, right below is a shot as you walk in the front door, then there is a pic of from our couch, another from the couch looking into the kitchen, a shot from the kitchen sink into the living room (my favorite feature in the house), a shot of the kitchen from the powder room (laundry is on the left side behind the double doors), and then a shot of the powder room, the stairs, and our office loft…as I was posting these I realized that I didn’t take a single picture of the master bed/bath or Hope’s bed/bath…! Anyway…we feel so blessed to be in this place and are loving Monument…it’s a really quaint town that, because of it’s location in the mountains, feels much smaller than it is but is really close to Co. Springs (one exit north of the Air Force Academy) and about 30 minutes south of Denver. We love it!


2 Responses to “our new home”

  1. l&jmeeks Says:

    Oh Stace! Your new home is gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see it in person!! Speaking of which…will you be around the week of October 13th? I cannot wait much longer to see little Hope!

  2. Amy Says:

    The house looks wonderful and the pictures of Hope in costume are too cute!

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