my potty trained dog is now house broken!!!

Oh how life changes…one minute I’m walking the halls of the United States Department of Justice and the next I’m heaping praise on my dog, all for the amusement of my daughter and dog because the latter rang the bell to let me know she needed to, um, use the facilities.

It’s been quite the adjustment for Molly, us moving to Colorado and all…she no longer has the luxury of a doggie door and private backyard so I took on the task of bell training her. After this endeavor my verdict is out as to whether or not my efforts have much to do with the success of the whole thing because it wasn’t until after I stopped coaxing her to hit the bell with her nose each time we went out that she began to do it on her own. Molly is a smart little dog and has a twinkle in her eye…I think that’s one of the qualities that I love about her…most of time. Anyway, she’s officially going to the door and hitting the bell with her nose to let me know when she wants (and I say wants because she doesn’t always need) to go out.

I will ALSO say that Hope has been more interested in going potty in the potty…to date she’s signed twice that she was going potty so we rushed to the toilet, stripped the diaper off and she…well, went potty in the potty. All of this successful potty training, not to mention seeing the fruits of my repetitious signing, is very exciting stuff…nothing newsworthy I suppose but I’m loving it!


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