Seven Things…

This is in regard to being tagged by Ann…seven facts about myself…

1. When I was little I used to joke that I wanted to be the first female president…only I knew that in my head I wasn’t joking…looks like Palin might beat me to it and I am totally okay with that!
2. In regard to politics I seem to have an addiction to all things DC and am “craving” being in the district…especially because this is such a heated election year…and miss being in the middle of all the action…I know it’s cheesy, but I LOVE Congressional hearings.
3. My favorite thing to do when I was younger was draw house plans…some of them were pretty elaborate too, however, if you saw them you would agree with me in saying that no one in their right mind would live in these houses! Picture a water feature running the length of the lower level, complete with bridges and fish!
4. I love cooking and enjoy trying new foods, but I’ve determined that nothing says comfort food to me like pizza does…
5. I don’t like to sleep in and taking a nap is really difficult for me to do…life is best lived awake :0)!
6. My brain can’t relax in a space with clutter…I like focal points in spaces and go a little nutty when there is too much going on…the same goes for messes…
7. I love water and anything that involves it…whether it’s laying on a raft in a pool, sitting by the beach or floatin’ around in a boat water is so lovely and calming.

Now for my tagging of seven people…Susan, Tiffany, Amy, Ann (can I tag you back?!?! JUST KIDDING!!!), Stephany Stimson, Hannah, Jenny, and Laura. Cheers!


One Response to “Seven Things…”

  1. ann Says:

    Thanks, Stacey! So fun to read. I would vote for you! No you cannot tag me back. I had a hard enough time thinking of 7 🙂

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