my little monkey…and back to writing…

My mom and grandma came for a visit this weekend…I’ll post pictures soon! We had a great time seeing them and it was wonderful to have company while Alex was out of town for work. Friday Hope and I took them to the zoo and then Saturday, while they were at a conference at Focus, Hope and I returned to the zoo…this time with my cousin, her daughter, and husband…lots of zoo exposure this weekend and I think it rubbed off on Hope…although come to think of it, the monkey exhibit was closed by the time we went to see them…

Needless to say Alex and I have a fearless little monkey on our hands. Sunday my mom offered to cook lunch for everyone and all of us were in the kitchen as she went about the business of this greatly appreciated task. Suddenly Kelsey looked over and saw that Hope had not only crawled onto the door of the dishwasher but was hanging from the top rack trying to hoist herself up!!! Scared me to death! And how I missed that was a truly humbling experience…thank you Lord for protecting my baby.

On another note, in an effort to get plugged in with our little community I’ve decided to make use of my Communication degree from UNM and began investigating if there would be an opportunity to write for the monthly paper here in Monument…there was and so I will be covering the very vanilla District 38 School Board meetings and I couldn’t be more thrilled :0)! It will be fun to have a little hobby like that plus a first hand look at what the school system in Monument is really like…I’ll post a link once the December edition is up…that is, if my article is worthy of publication!


One Response to “my little monkey…and back to writing…”

  1. Laura Meeks Says:

    Of course your article will be worthy! Congrats on the opportunity – truly sounds like fun :0) Busy busy Hope…I bet Addison will give her a run for the money though!

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