if I may…

My days are filled with tiny victories, little celebrations, and lots of instruction…yesterday was hands down one of the sweetest moments in Hope’s development. Throughout the house we have places for Hope’s things…her room is all her own but since I’d like the rest of the house to also be comfortable for adults we only have one small basket of toys that sits underneath the end table. Hope knows that’s where her stuff is at and usually beelines over there to drag everything out multiple times throughout the day. On top of the table sits a lamp that belonged to Alex’s grandmother, a teacup turned on it’s side, and a framed photo…all on top of a silver platter. Needless to say, these are NOT Hope’s toys. For the two minutes that Hope crawled around before learning how to walk she never noticed these items, but with walking being her “transportation” of choice she is now at eye level with these items.

Over the last few weeks she has reached to touch them a handful of times…each time was followed with our standard “no touch” and a warning that if she touched them I would pop her hand. And of those handful of times, half the time I’ve followed through with the pop and had to relocate her. And then the loveliness of yesterday took place…

I was sitting on the couch reading and she had walked over to the side table; she didn’t appear to notice that I was watching her eye the contents of the table and as I watched I saw the little wheels in her brain spinning. After about 1o seconds of looking intently at the items, as if to determine what she should do about them, she sat down and began pulling items out of her basket!!!!! I swiftly applauded her good decision and she just beamed!

It was SO rewarding to see our persistence to teach her pay off…one small victory in her journey, but she is learning boundaries and self-control so she may as well have won an Olympic medal in my book!


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