let’s get this party started!

Tomorrow can’t come fast enough! I am eagerly anticipating the completion of this election season and curious to see how many people turn out and for what cause. On the forefront of my mind is the looming question of why so many intelligent people are apparently incapable of putting puzzle pieces together.

Has Obama not been a friend with terrorists? Has Obama not sat under the teaching of a raging preacher? Has Obama not lied, cheated, and stole to gain any advantage possible? Has Obama not voted against any act of Congress that would protect innocent babies? Has Obama not written he will align himself with Muslims should the political tide shift? Has Obama not campaigned for the very men who are murdering innocent people throughout Africa? Has Obama not said he will swing the doors of immigration wide open should he be elected? Doesn’t that last one bother anyone considering his willingness to embrace the very religion that is continually caught on tape chanting “kill America”?!?!?

I can guarantee anyone and everyone that should this maniac be elected he will bring change to this country. I will also guarantee it is NOT going to be the change that everyone has believed it will be…never have I seen a more manipulative politician in my life. It is a fact that 99% of politics is making a bucketful of promises with the hope of getting elected so said individual can hopefully come through on these promises but 90% of the time doesn’t or isn’t able to. That’s politics, plain and simple. However, what this man is bringing to the table goes beyond professional politics to something so evil and deceitful…

So, tomorrow…it can’t come quick enough. I’m ready to know what we’re facing as a country…Lord help us.


One Response to “let’s get this party started!”

  1. ann Says:

    Hey Stacey! I appreciate your boldness. It is incredibly scary. My heart is heavy over the dire situation that our country is in. I am honestly baffled at the believers I personally know of that are voting for this man. It is insanity! I pray for God’s mercy on our country, but I am fearful we might receive the judgment we deserve. Thanks for all the info. that you share.

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