I’m beginning to think there’s crack in the books…

Among other things, I had high hopes that the little miss would have a love for books like I always have…and she does, but I’m beginning to question my position on this. The routine has been books before naps and bedtime until the last few weeks. I’ll paint a picture:

The last page has been read and the books are put back on the book shelf. As Hope says, “boof”, I tell her we’ll read more books later while I close the blinds for nap time. Fast forward two hours to the end of her nap and as I pick my smiley girl out of her crib she looks over my shoulder, points, and says, “boof”.

Three weeks ago this delighted me because I was ecstatic she remembered, wanted to read, etc. so I humored her with A (singular) book. We’re now reading as many books after naps as we were reading before naps…just in case you’re curious, Clara Cow feels better at the end of “Clara Cow Wraps Up Warm” and lion cub finally figures out what noise he’s supposed to make in “The Noisy Zoo”. There are books upstairs and down, in her room and in the loft, in the kitchen and the bathtub…everywhere we go we have reading materials on hand.

Again, I am loving how much she enjoys books…until tonight. As I type this, 5 of her 6 oz. of formula are sitting on the desk because she was so caught up in “boofs” that her bottle had lost all appeal. “The Noisy Zoo” was sitting on the ottoman and though some might argue I was “squelching her personality” I refused to read the book. Precious little girl…I think she was sleepy and the bottle was too soothing for her at the moment…either way, she’s now rolling around in her crib not making a sound but I think I’ll sneak in to try and finish the bottle so we can both get a good nights sleep.

For the record…she took one swig, said “boof” and I put her to bed…funny girl!


One Response to “I’m beginning to think there’s crack in the books…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Maybe you could start reading the Walstreet Journal, too 🙂

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