it smells yummy…

Though the crowd has dwindled we will still be hosting a very festive Thanksgiving at our humble abode this year and!!! My 16lb turkey (I know that’s double, possibly triple, what I need to feed 4.5 people but I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers!) has been brining in the fridge since yesterday per Martha’s recommendation and my place settings are all ready to make their debut!!! On the menu…1 rather large bird cooked to 165 degrees (again per Martha’s recommendation), pear/cranberry cocktails, a fresh green bean casserole, sour cream/cream cheese & chive mashed potatoes, manderin & mozzarella salad, Daddy’s fruit salad, cranberry sauce from the one and only Trader Joe’s (!!!), sweet potatoes minus the tiny marshmellows add carmelized apples, rolls and PLEASE pass the the pie!!! My mom is bringing THREE…her famous pecan, a pumpkin (because it’s just not Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie!), and for my apple craving hubby, Grandma’s shredded apple pie (if you want the recipe…email me…it’s A-MAZING!).

We’ve been playing Christmas music since Sunday and the week is packed full o’fun. Friday night we’ll head down to Pueblo for a Christmas lights spectacular, Saturday is Hope’s bday party, and Saturday night is the continuation of a 2 year old Paxson family tradition of decorating the tree whilST we decorate sugar cookies and watch a slew of Christmas vids…starting with, of course, a Charlie Brown Christmas! I LOVE HOLIDAYS and I’m so looking forward to hosting my first Thanksgiving!!!

Cheers and blessings to all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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