so glad to be home…

We went on a cruise a week ago. We went on a cruise a week ago for free!!! It was fabulous…I slept or read on the balcony of our room while Hope took naps and Alex had his fill of concerts…Brandon Heath, Matthew West, Third Day, Rush of Fools, Phil Wickam, etc. It was quite the whirl wind two weeks ago this Thursday as I was chatting with my dad. He informed me that my sister couldn’t go afterall. Naturally I suggested that Hope and I would be more than happy to fill her vacancy and the day quickly filled up with phone calls to get everything in place to leave the following Wednesday.

As I emersed myself deeper in the planning I quickly realized that though it was a great opportunity there was just no way it would be as fun without Alex. I called dad, asked about availability and pricing…he said he would get back to me. At this point it is only appropriate to point out that there are two kinds of people in this world. People that wait for life to happen and then complain about the way it’s turning out OR people who get on the ball and make things happen…my dad is the latter, and a rare breed at that. He called back to let me know I owed him and that Alex would be able to come for FREE also!!! K-Love had given my dad an executive suite so there was room for the whole crew…very much a blessing for our little fam as we gear up for baby #2.

So, Thursday night I packed Hope and I up for a Friday morning departure…we had to go to Santa Fe in order to get Hope’s birth certificate…stayed in Abq with my mom Friday through Wednesday…flew out of Abq on Wednesday for Florida…Alex flew from Denver so if you’re counting with me that is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days apart at this point…not so much fun.

We cruised 🙂 Thursday through Monday and then back to Abq for the car and an appointment Hope and I went, back to CO Alex went. It is important to add in here that on Saturday Alex and I ate something that didn’t like us so a small bout of food poisoning was in order…always fun, food poisoning + morning sickness…Lord have mercy! Hope had her appointment on Wednesday and the plan was to drive out directly from the appointment and I’m usually one to charge through however not this time. Another night at mom’s was in order and I packed the car up Wednesday night…sadly cancelling a trip to see the newest Hayes and his sweet parents but getting to squeeze in another visit with three of the 4.5 Wallaces…

At about 4:30 Thursday morning Hope woke up saying “dada”. I told her we were going to see him that day and that we should get some more sleep. When she actually woke up at 7 I set her down and told her to go tell Grandma good morning. She toddled to the kitchen, gave my mom one of her darling smiles, then said “bye, bye” and walked to the front door. She was as ready to come home as I was. By 9 we were on the road and by 2:30 back home. Add another 4 days onto my total of 5 and you get 9…that’s the longest we’ve been apart in the last two+ years and it will be the last. Still not feeling so hot but nothing beats sleeping in my own bed again…



One Response to “so glad to be home…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wow–that sounds like quite an adventure! Mark and I got to go on a cruise two summers ago and it was wonderful. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to go! I hope the morning sickness doesn’t last too long…

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