come again brain…

It’s official…baby brain has set in…much differently than when I was pregnant with Hope though. In addition to being utterly exhausted all the time I seem to be in a bit of a fog…words don’t come to my brain very quickly and by the time they make it to my mouth they’ve rearranged themselves in a pattern that makes little to no sense. It’s not so much that I’m forgetting things rather just not getting there quite as quickly as I’d like to…oh wait, I am forgetting things…all the terribly random yet fascinating things that make blogging so fun…

Let’s see, Hope really like to change diapers. And nothing is exempt from this, not the ball she plays with in the bath or the books we read…everything needs it’s diaper changed. Alex and I finally started to tell her yesterday that only babies need their diapers changed and everything else goes potty in the potty or outside which has really turned out to be an advantage on potty training. Now, she is obsessed with using the sign for potty and getting off and on the potty. No indication that she’s made a connection between using the potty to actually go potty but she does use the sign for diaper consistently if she goes potty in her diaper…we’re headed in the right direction.

This weekend concluded the painting of the downstairs…needless to say we’re both whooped but it’s so gratifying to walk downstairs into our cheery kitchen and not look out into the living room at drab walls. Pulte uses a white that I think has a gray undertone…very poor color selection in an area that is overcast so many days out of the year…but none the less, it’s now gone from the downstairs and I’m SO excited. It looks absolutely lovely! We’re waiting to paint the stairway, loft, and upstairs hallway until we know whether or not we’ll be building the loft out. Yesterday was the 12 week mark so we have 8 weeks to go…I’ll be relieved to either get that project on the way to prepare for little man Paxson OR aquire as much advice about how to have two little girls in one room yet still preserve a full nights sleep. Obviously if it’s a girl I suppose she’ll have to sleep in our room until she’s sleeping through the night but the whole process of then adjusting her to sleeping in she/Hope’s room then seems mildly daunting so I’ve suddenly adjusted to the idea of a boy…we’ll see. As Alex, who’s sitting the fence more than I am, says, “I’m glad we don’t get to decide, that’s not a decision I want to make”. So, 8 weeks to go and then we’ll know whether or not Alex will be taking on a major construction project…


One Response to “come again brain…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I want to see pictures of your new paint job!
    And, the other day I ran across a link on the Baby Whisperer website about co-sleeping babies. It may be worth browsing around the forums if there is, indeed, a little girl in there!

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