This is absolutely fabulous and I’m still absorbing it!

Alex is currently taking a class about the Old Testament and last week his professor showed a video titled “Mountain of Fire”…it’s all about these two men that, duh, used the Bible as a map to locate the real Mt. Sinai. I’m posting a link to and if you type in “Mountain of Fire” it will pull the video up in 5 clips…just watch them sequentially and you’ll see what I’ve been pouring over all weekend. In addition, if you’re interested in reading the text that mentions these Biblical artifacts go to and start in Exodus 1…just follow along and enjoy!

This is the link to Part 1…the rest should appear on the right side bar…

It is SO incredible to see the alter to the golden calf, the alter of sacrifice, the possible burning bush, and the rock that’s split in two from the water…prepare to be amazed!


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