Hope has a gigantic closet so it houses her toys. Today I was putting her laundry away and she was playing in her closet. As I went in her bathroom (which is located between her room and closet) to put a few towels away I heard her talking to herself. As I got closer I could see she was leaning over one of my old Cabbage Patch dolls, Joel Sherman. She was not only squatting down but leaning over him talking to him. As I watched from around the corner I saw her gibber jab with him for a minute, wait for a response, gib jab some more and then she took his arm and made him do the sign for diaper. At which point she laid him on his back, picked him up by his feet (so he was dangling in mid-air) and proceeded to “wipe his bottom” which essentially was his low back. SO CUTE!!! As soon as she was done she laid him back down, talked to him to make sure he was all done and proceeded to repeat the process with 3 more dolls!

WHY has no one invented a video camera that mom’s can wear strapped to their heads at all times that simply turns itself on at the first sign of cuteness???


3 Responses to “P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!!!”

  1. Susan Says:

    What a sweet, sweet girl you have!
    She is a lot like her mama πŸ™‚

  2. c & k Says:

    oh stace. that is so so sweet and precious! i love it!! please invent that camera before i have children πŸ˜€ ~catie

  3. Laura Meeks Says:

    oh my. what a sweetie pie. can you imagine how wonderful she will be of a big sister? :0)

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