The big reveal…

I have been waiting ever so patiently for oh so long and now, Lord willing, today is THE day we’ll find out whether pink or blue will be the color of choice for baby Paxson #2…I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!!!!!

In other news, Hope has an obsession with bows lately…not so much of keeping them in her hair but asking if anything and everything/everyone has a bow. For example, one of her past times is watching her Praise Baby DVDs…it’s worship music set to little kids playing and a myriad of animals, shapes, colors, etc. Every time a flower, horse, rabbit, balloon, bubble, fish (and on and on) comes on the screen she looks at me and says, “bow?” to which I consistently reply “no lovey, bunnies don’t wear bows”, “no lady girl, little boys don’t wear bows, only girls do”…think broken record with a heaping dose of enthusiasm and amusement!

Yesterday we spent a much needed day in Denver and the big purchase of the day was a comb and brush set for Hope. 20 minutes of our 45 minute drive home was spent with Hope holding both triumphantly in the air and gleefully proclaiming “TWOOOO”. Again…where is the video camera that moms can wear on their heads???


One Response to “The big reveal…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Quit blogging and get that belly to the doctor! We NEED to know already!

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