I’m putting off packing…

Because it’s not so fun. Hope is asleep, Alex is furiously trying to finish a paper before we leave tomorrow (and requires absolute silence…I totally get it but don’t like it:), and I’ve read everyone’s status updates on facebook…twice now just to see if anything new was added in the x amount of minutes it took me to read through the first time :0).

Anyway…I thought now might be a good time to post some of my messy life pics b/c I haven’t posted any in quite some time…again, NOT a photographer…I just thought it would be a good idea to capture the messes around here that won’t always exist to preserve the memories that will. And then I looked, saw that there really weren’t that many that have been taken recently…so I put one of Hope up for good measure…

This is our kitchen table on a light night…between homework and my miscellaneous projects it’s seen some covered days…

This is just a good picture from a long winter…ode to soup!

And this is the backseat of the car…the contents vary every other day or so.

And this was Hope’s first taste of powdered doughnut…let me just say that it had been a long morning and the man at the deli counter was not in any hurry to slice our meat…one at the store and a few more at the house…


One Response to “I’m putting off packing…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Sigh, I wish you were my neighbor.

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