I have determined that…

…in spite of an adjustment period, I’m so grateful for the weather here in Colorado! After being in NM last weekend I realized the heat is just a bit much.

…I’m really grateful for my dear friends and didn’t realize just how much they meant until they weren’t a 15 minute drive away. Love meeting new people and cultivating new relationships but so wish I could round up my scattered about friends and move them into our neighborhood.

…nothing beats the restaurant selection in Abq…so many local places to choose from…

…I really enjoy watching Hope meet little people her age…she doesn’t quite know what to make of them…it’s cute.

…we have a great dog. Molly could have been a disaster. We adopted her after I saw her picture online and I fell in love…she’s feisty alright but the best little dog we could ask for!

…I LOVE Etsy…the means by which I heard about it still brings tears to my eyes, however, the discovery of such a wonderful world of arts, crafts, and all things vintage has been such a delightful discovery!

…I am SO glad we forgot to strap Hope into her car seat a month or so ago and subsequently had to stop in front of our neighbors house…SWEETEST couple with twin girls that we wouldn’t have met otherwise!

…I’m very eager for the time we’ll have together this summer and so glad Alex is free every night of the week!

…I really love making cards…scrap booking is terrific but I get immense satisfaction out of starting and finishing a project and sending it on it’s way.

…all the stories I’m hearing about little boys have me in stitches…I can’t wait to have my own to pass on!

…and on and on…


One Response to “I have determined that…”

  1. Susan Says:

    How’d you hear about etsy?? Have I heard this story??

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