I am so thankful for my husband!!!

This weekend was such a blessing to me…as we look ahead to the x amount of days we’ll be away from Hope we have a few balls in play to help her ease slowly into a transition of being okay if I’m not around…by nature of us moving up here when we did and a myriad of other variables, she and I have become quite the little duo and she still has a little adjustment period when I’m leaving or not around. That being said, we’ve set up a few weekends throughout the summer for Auntie Kels and Uncle Jo to swap houses with us and stay here with Hope…Kels will be taking care of her while we’re at the hospital…another huge blessing that she and Jordan are right across the street!

But I think this weekend was the most wonderful, unplanned starting off point we could have asked for. We’d made plans to head to the Farmer’s Market and a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday but the weather was so cold and windy when we woke up that Alex stayed at the house while I went out and about…when I got home the little miss was already back down for her morning nap and I turned around shortly after to spend a little girl time with Kels…after Alex had fed her lunch we all headed to Costco…by the time we returned I was pretty worn out and not feeling so great. Seeing the fatigue, Alex called the guys from church he was meeting with and told them that he wouldn’t be able to make it that night…he stayed and bathed Hope, got her ready for bed and we went about our night time book reading.

Sunday I was still really exhausted…he headed to church after she was down with her nap then came home to pick her up afterwards so the two of them could grab a few grocery items…in light of the beautiful weather, after they returned and had a quick bite it was back out the door to the park. I napped for a lovely two hours and when they returned I was refreshed. Hope went down for a nap and we had some time to ourselves…after we had a quick dinner Kels and I headed out the door again (not a typical weekend for us but it was so fun to have sister time!) and by the time I returned home my sweet lovey girl was asleep in bed.

Typically weekends we soak up as much famiy time as possible but the activities this weekend allowed Hope to ease into not seeing so much of mommy, getting a bucketful of Daddy all to herself, and I was able to remember why running around at 5 1/2 months pregnant is near insanity :0)! I am, however, so thankful for Alex giving me that time and for the wonderful father he is…respect, respect, respect for that man!


3 Responses to “I am so thankful for my husband!!!”

  1. Susan Says:

    What a good man!

  2. Amy Says:

    Stacey–I love getting to see your posts and stay caught up with you guys. It’s wonderful to read about your growing family and to “hear” the contentedness in your words. It’s clear that God has blessed your family. Say “hi” to Alex and Hope, and have a wonderful week!

  3. Laura Meeks Says:

    stace – you are one lucky gal! Huge props to Daddy for stepping up to the plate!

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