steal of a deal…a STEAL of a deal!

Our intent was to have Hope in a big girl bed by the end of the summer so that we could move her crib into Seth’s nursery. That plan has changed…after attempting to put her down for a nap in her big girl bed I quickly realized it’s just way too early for her and so we began to look for another crib. (Let me add in at this point that Hope’s crib and changing table/dresser were generously given to us by some dear friends.)

Anyway…yesterday afternoon a friend mentioned that a neighborhood garage sale was going on, started yesterday and would run through today. So we decided to get up early and drive through the neighborhoods before heading to a “Mom’s of Multiples” sale. At our first stop we saw a crib mattress for $40…after purchasing a great changing pad mattress with 2 covers ($6) I wrote her number down and told her I would call her if we were able to find a crib and/or just needed her mattress. Off we went.

As we drove around, looking like gangsters I’m sure, scoping out the merch without stopping, we came upon our fifth or sixth house and what. do. you. know!?!? A crib…I popped out of the car, eyed the crib…Simmons – good. Sealy mattress – good. Price – good. Turns out we bought an oak crib W/MATTRESS for $55!!! That’s right…$55!

Totally in awe that the Lord had set it aside for us, we decided to head down to the MofM’s sale…you’ll never believe it…we saw a Simmons crib there…$200! Again, reminded of how God set that crib aside for us. After mulling through a million and two onesies we made our purchases (including a set of 4 Born Free glass bottles for $8!!!) and headed home.

On our way we discussed buying a small dresser for the nursery and staining it to match the crib. We then decided it wouldn’t hurt to drive by the houses we had missed earlier. After a few stops and a few dead ends…one was too big and painted pink, one was sold, etc…we stopped at a house that had a small dresser sitting in the driveway. Up the driveway I headed.

It was just perfect…size, color, etc. Before I go any further I should mention that the little dresser was also the display hub for 2 dozen books the homeowners were trying to sell. Okay, back to the dresser. I asked the homeowner how much he was asking for the dresser…

“Two bucks”

“No, I mean, how much for the dresser…?” thinking he was telling me the price of the books.

“$2″…and he proceeded to show me a handle that was broken which had led him to price it the way he did…I’m thinking at this point “you’ve got to be kidding me!” so I turned to Alex and held up two fingers…he didn’t have a clue what I meant.

“We’ll take it!”…a 4 drawer pine dresser for $2… !!! The man proceeded to tell me that it had been their most looked at item but for some reason people just kept deciding not to buy it. To which I replied, “well praise the Lord because we really needed one!”. Anyway…it was a great day…very humbled by the Lord holding those two items all day yesterday for us and His provision of such quality pieces for our little man…so thankful!

Oh, and the stain of the two pieces is so close to identical we won’t even need to do any refinishing. Such a sweet little blessing.


2 Responses to “steal of a deal…a STEAL of a deal!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Stacey! That is just wonderful! Praise God for his faithfulness!
    Just stinkin' wonderful, I'd say!

  2. Laura Meeks Says:

    those looks gorgeous and oh so perfect!

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