we have grass!

August will mark the one year anniversary of us living in our little home. Our community was only half complete when we moved in and so the landscaping was also only half complete which meant that the football field+ length of open space in front of our home has been dirt up until two days ago. I didn’t so much mind it because we knew it was a work in progress, yada, yada, yada but I’m SO THANKFUL we now have grass and just as it’s getting warm enough to enjoy the outdoors again!!!

We’re currently still playing in the grass directly outside our front door which is about the size of a large swimming pool and are counting down the days until next Monday when I think it will be okay for us to begin exploring all the new grass…Hope will be elated! As you can imagine she gets bored pretty quickly running up and down in her swimming pool sized grass and has constantly been testing her boundaries (in this case, the concrete)…it will be just fabulous to be able to let her loose on the new sod!!!


One Response to “we have grass!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Yay! Hope you're enjoying the outside fun with the warm weather!

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