it’s a little early for anything interesting…

and because I can’t sleep this morning I think I’ll head to the gym. Today is getting a head start on most days because I’m usually not up this early…today 3:30 rolled around and it was game over for a restful nights sleep. Oh pregnancy…

Last night was, however, much better than the night before…every hour I was popping tums. I wouldn’t mind the indigestion so much if it would just be polite enough to bother me during the day instead of the moment I’m ready for bed…anyway, after laying in bed for over an hour trying to go to sleep I thought I would get up and see what the world was like at 5:00 am. It’s quiet.

So…off to change and go work my rapidly enlarging rear off! :0)


One Response to “it’s a little early for anything interesting…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I hope you get a nap later, friend! Way to go, you gym goer you!

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