mouse update

I’m thinking the little vermin on the front porch (plus the one that we had found dead in our rocks a few days prior…G-R-O-S-S!!!) was the motivation Alex needed to finally pick up some mouse traps…so over the weekend he purchased a few different kinds…ones where the mice go inside and get stuck plus a few snap traps. Not a single catch with the box traps but, thankfully, the snap traps have proven very effective.

How effective?

In a little over 24 hours my mouse hunting husband reported he had trapped 5…5!!!…mice. And no further mice since Sunday!!! As far as I’m concerned the remaining traps should be left at permanent attention to warn all future would be mouse residents that our garage is not mouse friendly…



3 Responses to “mouse update”

  1. Susan Says:

    I must have told you my mice stories from Molokai? I caught 13. 13. I used the sticky traps and cried the first time I had to put one out of its misery. Then I got so irriated that I didn't care anymore 🙂
    You mice better stay away!!

  2. alex&stacey Says:

    vaguely…13 certainly tops our 5 and I'm glad the traps seem to have eliminated the little vermons…and yes, I remember you mentioning that you had to put them out of their misery…so glad Alex is taking care of the buggers b/c I'm 100% sure there is NO way I'd be able to do it…ewwy, yucky…

  3. Seana Says:

    Oh my goodness!! 5 mice! I would be freaking out! Our exterminator left us these sticky pads for bugs in our attic and garage, and we found a mouse (already dead) Stuck to one in the garage, ewww! Also we found a live lizard stuck to one…it was so sad he just kept trying to get off and getting more stuck…But I'd rather himbe dead than in my house I suppose! Glad your mouse problem is taken care of!!

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