2 weeks and then another 6 or so…

That was the time frame Alex gave last night regarding the new addition to our home being completed…it’s a little hard to believe that it’s gone by so quickly…now time either goes by at a snails pace or passes by at the speed of light…and I’ve noticed it largely depends on how well I slept the night before :0).

Last weekend our camera was accidentally given an underwater tour of the river that runs along the Glenn hike so until we figure out which camera is the best bang for our buck…and trust me, it’s easier said than done researching cameras…no more photos of the little guys room. But it’s coming along nicely and, might I gleefully add, quietly! Once Alex finishes mudding and taping the room we’ll have someone come out to do the texture. We’ve determined that it will be well worth it to hire one of the guys who sprayed the texture throughout the rest of the house to go over the new drywall so it will be an exact match and then the fun begins…I’m so eager to get the room ready because by the time we get it finished we’ll only have 6 weeks or so before he’ll be here…and I’ve heard rumors that early labor is not abnormal here…something to do with the altitude…I’m all for it so we’ll see!

Other than the nursery it seems the list of little things to get done here and there is getting tackled…some days more efficiently than others…what is it about nesting that leaves me thinking I need to have it ALL done BEFORE he arrives??? I was the same way with Hope…I guess I bought all the nonsense that once the baby comes you never have time to get anything done…I’m pretty sure the only people who didn’t have time to get things done didn’t have their little darlings on a schedule either…just another one of my theories, I’ll let you know if I’m in left field after he arrives. Anyway, I know insanity will briefly ensue here for a bit but, call me crazy, I CAN’T WAIT! I’m eagerly expecting those first few weeks getting our newest member integrated into Paxson family life and although I’m sure I’ll be aching for a good nights rest, nothing in me would trade it for an easier route…whatever comes of that time will be memorable and irreplaceable. So…8 weeks-ish to go and our family of 3 will be a family of 4…!!!


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