up to this point and hopefully beyond…

So up to this point this blog has been a hodge podge of ideas, pictures, updates, yada, yada, yada…but I’ve recently taken to the world of blogging with new fervor and have decided it’s time for a focus…I’m not sure what it will be…the reality is, I’ve not fully embraced the concept of posting messy life pics…not because we don’t have enough messes, believe me, we have plenty…but because I’ve not done a good job snapping pics (note to self, buy super hip camera strap and don’t go to any room of the house without it)…which by the way will get so much easier once our new camera arrives…thank you sweet husband!

On that note, let the brainstorming begin…I’m heading to the next level of blogging and not sure where it will take me but “I’m so freakin’ excited I feel like I’m gonna faint” (kudos Penelope…SNL…no? Okay, check that out first then back here for the latest in my quest to find my niche in the world of blogging!). If you have any clever ideas let me know…I’m all eyes!


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