laundry update…

…the clean laundry (which many would argue is no longer clean after x amount of days sitting in a basket, making friends with wrinkles) is no longer on the floor of our closet and bathroom nor is it sitting in a basket in our bedroom…it has in fact been moved to the bed…

Picture 334

This is actually quite the move towards progress…not having to bend over to reach into basket equals increased likelihood that said clean laundry will be folded…from there it’s smooth sailing…nothing is more fun than putting it away…it’s just those in between steps that mess me up!

For your sake, I hope your laundry situation is a bit better managed…and don’t get me started on the stuff in the hamper that needs to go down “for a bath”…one said hottie shall shortly be enlisted to cart it down there b/c nothing screams a disaster waiting to happen like me and my belly attempting to carry multiple baskets of dirty clothes down the stairs. More than one trip? That is not efficient…so for now I’ll take the hubs up on his offer to help!


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