green, mean, buggy machine…

It would appear we have a thing for strollers when in reality it was just poor research on my part from day one…that being said, 4 strollers later, number 5 appears to be the magic number…introducing our latest (and might I add last) stroller…the Phil & Ted’s Sport (with a double’s kit so both little ones can ride in single file mode!)…in GREEN!!!

Since Alex got to build a room I thought I'd put the stroller together...

Since Alex got to build a room I thought I'd put the stroller together...

baby not included...

baby not included...

we were so excited to give it a spin lunch was served in the stroller!!!

we were so excited to give it a spin lunch was served in the buggy!!!

So, here’s the deal with this stroller…#1 we can fit both kiddos in it at once and not become the width of our car. #2 The doubles attachment can either go below and behind where Hope is sitting OR we can attach it in front of the seat she’s sitting in…at which point the seat she’s sitting in can lay completely flat as a bassinet…so my tiny son will be able to ride along without meeting a weight requirement! #3 IT’S GREEN!!!

So, the scoop on the color…we determined it wasn’t worth the x amount of dollars extra to buy the green and instead opted for a charcoal buggy that also happened to be on sale…placed the order and glued myself to the front window like a Garfield cat, awaiting the arrival of the purchase that would make our dreams come true (who comes up with that marketing nonsense anyway? And further more who buys into it???)!

After a few too many days we received an email telling us the company had accidentally sold out of the charcoal, were profusely sorry, and would let us take our pick of colors for…get this…NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!! Done deal…green it is. Hope calls it blue but there is no disputing the buggy is as green as I am pregnant! So thankful to have such a nice ride for the little darlings…even if the green is more likely to show stains than the charcoal or black would have!

(Thanks to my dear friend Meg for turning us on to such a fab stroller!)


4 Responses to “green, mean, buggy machine…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ooooo. I love it! I want it!!

  2. Jordan Guerra Says:

    What kind of stroller is it? It looks great. I want to see it with the double attachment. I have a double stroller that I love, but it doesn’t convert back to a one seater. Looks like a good buy to me.

    • mymessylife Says:

      It’s a Phil & Ted’s…check them out on the web for the best pics; so far so good…loved it on the trail this morning…it handled like a champ!

  3. Meg Says:

    You are gonna LOVE this stroller!!! Green or not it really will make all your dreams come true! 😉

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