…is oh so humbling…

I have a handful of pics from the past few days, quite a few of our little addition (it is now fully textured and has DOORS!!!), but am still recovering from…drumroll please…a pulled muscle in my side from SNEEZING! Who knew? Apparently everything being a little misplaced makes things like muscles more susceptible to injury…with all the dust that was floating around in here after the guys sanded down the texture I was a sneezing machine. Saturday afternoon my side…right side mind you (“dear Lord…please…anything but my appendix…”) started hurting when I would sneeze. Hurting is an understatement…I was in tears each time, keeled over, feeling like I can imagine being stabbed would feel like. Painful.

A chat with the triage nurse and my mom eased my concerns that it was not my appendix but when the pain didn’t go away after 2 1/2 hours I headed for the birth center to get things checked out…and hung out there for a good 2+ hours.

One of my dearest friends was here for the night so Alex stayed at the house to put Hope down and Steph was outrageously kind enough to drive me the 30+ minutes to the hospital. And I think she put it best, “it was a great opportunity to catch up one on one”…with Seth’s little heart beating steadily in the background.

Anyway…the nurse confirmed I had probably pulled a muscle, gave me a muscle relaxer and sent me on my way…no thank you on the vicodin…

However many days later, the pain is much better and I’m feeling like a functioning pregnant lady again (whatever that means :0). Can’t wait to post the pics of the room but I’m behind on a gazillion things after my little situation so they’ll have to wait until tomorrow!


2 Responses to “pregnancy…”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Ahhh! So sorry! Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Just so you know, I’ve been checking your blog EVERYDAY since you sent out the updated address…haha…I love reading blogs and am so excited to keep up on yours. Loved the green stroller by the way… šŸ™‚

    • mymessylife Says:

      Thanks Jamie – feeling much, much better today! I love that you’re reading it and glad you enjoy…I want to know the second you start one b/c I know it would be just fabulous! Have such a great time at Lulie’s wedding…give her a big hug for me; I SO WISH I could’ve been there!

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