drumroll please…

nursery and more 022

I have been a bit busy getting the nursery ready…taking plenty of pictures though over the last few days. Our house has had that “we just moved in and are living out of boxes, laundry baskets, etc.” look for the last week or so. Last night Alex and I spent an hour picking up, putting away, sorting, and such so now not only can we sit back and enjoy this precious addition to the house, we can also walk down the hallway without having to use a GPS unit!

It is SO CRAZY to look back and see the transformation that has taken place in our loft. Alex started this project back on June 3 and a little over 2 months later we have an absolutely precious room for little Seth…pictures don’t do it justice but here are a few anyway!

as you walk in the doorway...!!!

as you walk in the doorway...!!!

and just to the left of the last pic...

and just to the left of the last pic...how cute does the blue rocker look? My mom gave that to us and though we intended a brown club chair (which ended up being too big and now resides in our room) I LOVE that pop of color!

I can officially call Alex a construction guru now, what an AMAZING job he did building this room without any prior experience!!! Decorating was my contribution and it felt lovely to be able to put paint on the walls and accessories in their place.

With only 4 weeks -ish until the ETA of the little guy it’s also a huge relief to have this complete. I didn’t realize the stress it was causing but now that it’s finished I can look back and see that holy moly…what a crazy project to undertake! But I’m happy to announce that, pregnancy hormones and all, we survived to tell about it and look forward to bringing the littlest member of our family home so he can add his touch of noise and choas to this nursery!


One Response to “drumroll please…”

  1. Susan Says:

    Love it friend, you guys did so well. All you need is the little guy!
    Love you!

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