so clean…

yesterday while I folded a bit of laundry, hung out with Hope, and tried to speed read through “Secrets of the Baby Whisper” for a quick refresher my neighbor Connie came and cleaned our house floor to ceiling…she arrived a little after 10 and aside from breaking for lunch was here until nearly 5:30. She scrubbed, polished, dusted, and on and on.

cows and cleaning 030

After resistance to her offers I finally caved and today I’m so glad I did…it’s such a blessing to go from insane amounts of piles, dust, and tools to a spick and span clean house. To top it off…if the little guy comes next week she wants to come back the day we’re coming home to go over everything again!

Alex and I had planned on tackling the house together but I can assure you it would have been the basics…neither of us have the energy right now to detail anything…her help was invaluable and thoroughness reminded me of the way the Lord takes care of our messes if we allow Him to…since it’s stuck in my head here are the lyrics to “Shiny Clean” by Caleb Jude Green.

Why do you insist that sin is issue? Why do you defend the good things you do? Don’t lose sight of wrong and right. You have been redeemed your soul is shiny clean.

It’s new can’t you just believe and just leave the old alone. Cause it’s so old and long gone…and you are new and what you do is a result of what you believe.

I will choose my shoes to walk in the Spirit. And I have been made righteous, I just have to believe it. Don’t lose sight of wrong and right. You have been redeemed your soul is shiny clean.

Once upon a time the perfect man He died and rose again, there goes your sin. And once upon a time that same man He gave His life for you…there’s nothing left for you to do.

So don’t lose sight of wrong and right…you have been redeemed and your soul is shiny clean.

Thanks a million to my sweet friend for allowing the Lord to use her yesterday to bless us with a spotless house but more importantly thank you to my Savior…amazing to think He cares enough to redeem our messes.


3 Responses to “so clean…”

  1. Susan Says:

    What a wonderful gift! Remember cleaning Meg’s house together? How distraught I was because I would have never thought to rip up old t-shirts for dusting rags? I thought that meant I would never be a good housewife or mother. Ha ha ha! Where did I get that from? Thanks for convincing me that I didn’t need to be worried 🙂

  2. mymessylife Says:

    That was exactly what I was thinking about yesterday too! Only I reflected on how I wasn’t exactly sure what to do…after watching Connie yesterday I wish I’d seen her in action before cleaning Meg’s place…oh, how young I was in my cleaning capabilities! And where did your thoughts come from…probably the same crazy place that “6 pregnancy tests is normal” came from :0)!

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