day one – check…

I don’t anticipate updating my blog this often, but to not give a summary of how the rest of day 1 with dos went would not give an accurate portrayal of life here at the Paxson’s. So…

No sooner had I published my last post but both babies started to make some noise. After getting the little guy and changing his diaper I proceeded to, very quickly, make my way to Hope’s room…the speed had more to do with her announcement than anything else:

“Eat. Poopoos…Yuck!”

Yeah…I don’t care who you are…hearing your 22 month old make that kind of announcement will incite at least curiousity if not fear in anyone.

It didn’t take long to figure out the reasoning behind her statement of choice…after walking in her room I discovered a newly decorated crib complete with left-overs on the mattress and pillow…Picasso was in the buff as well…for the sake of all parties no photos were taken.

I hurriedly scooped my little artist up and after wiping her bum determined that a bubble bath was in order…this while my ever so mellow little boy screamed his head off as if I’d been starving him for the last 2 weeks :0). Bubble bath running I stripped the bed and changing table as quickly as possible, placed the little lady in her bath, and rescued my son from imminent death by starvation.

And as I sat on the step stool nursing sweet Seth talking to Hope about what each foam bath letter stands for and how gross poopoo is (LOVING the entire chain of events) I recalled all the times my dad told me growing up that I needed to just lighten up a little bit…I’m pretty sure it’s unavoidable from this point forward…one more perk of being a mommy…

Lighten up. It’s on the to-do list. And with assistance from these sweet little people I’m thinking it will happen now at a rate that would surprise even my dad. I love being a mom…love, love, love it.


7 Responses to “day one – check…”

  1. Niki Says:

    Oh the poop painting!! My pediatrician said she duct taped her children’s diapers to ensure they couldn’t take them off. Unfortunately Lilli does not take her diaper off, she just puts her hands in the leg holes and paints that way. Ugh! Good luck with 2! I know it will take some time, but my mom said 2 was easier than 1 because we entertained each other. (Apparently she does not remember the fighting!)

    • mymessylife Says:

      Duct tape…I can honestly say that I hadn’t thought of that…but it is no fair game! It’s so gross isn’t it…why on earth would they want to touch it! And Hope love, love, loves! joking about eating it…EW!!!! I don’t get it at all! Anyway…it’s not been as bad as I supposed it might be and I’ve really been enjoying myself…and Hope is really wanting to Seth to play with her…patience darling…patience. Love you Niki and hope you guys are doing well – miss you!

  2. Jordan Says:

    Fun story! You will have thousands more of these soon. Enjoy!

    • mymessylife Says:

      Thousands…please Lord, not thousands…although I’m going to bet with a boy you’re not too far off…hope you’re doing well!

  3. Seana Says:

    Oh my word! Thank you so much for sharing that story Stace….it is priceless! What wonderful moments we get to experience as Mothers 🙂 I can imagine that with a second baby…the sound of him crying is very easily blocked out so you can get done what needs to be done…My how different from our first huh?! haha You are quite the veteran mom now in my opinion…any poop story deserves that!

    • mymessylife Says:

      Wonderful moments…the joy is in the journey and I can honestly say I’m loving the journey…my veteran mom moment came when I took Seth for his first appointment. He peed up over his head and when I went to stop it with a tissue both of my pant legs got soaked…realizing it was impractical to run home and change before running the errands I had to get done, I ran my errands with pee soaked pants…it was at that moment I realized I’m a mom…totally different and I have to say I’m more grateful for my linear mind now than ever before!

  4. Susan Says:

    Oh my stinkin’ heck. Very stinky.

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