I think it’s best to keep it IN the diaper…

I have found a solution to the poopoo conundrum…stickers. No, not the outrageously sticky, gray in color, “stickers” (though duct tape was my next plan of attack Niki)…but just plain ole smiley face stickers.

We’ve been giving them to Hope every time she goes potty on the potty but lately she’s been wanting stickers whether she “goes” or not so I decided the other day that maybe rewarding her with a sticker for not taking her diaper off in crib would work…our conversation goes something like this…

“Okay Hope, if you need help with your diaper or have poopoos yell ‘Help Mommy’ and I’ll come help you…if you leave your diaper on you get stickers”

(proceed to lay said reformed Picasso down in her crib and walk out of the room)

Seconds later, “Mommy help! Diapee”

“Hope, I heard you say ‘help’…does your diaper need to be changed?”

“Okay…poopoos…see? Stickers?”

“You want to see your poopoos?”


“Okay…let me get your bum cleaned and then you can see them…”


“Yes, they are gross…”


“No Hope, we don’t eat poopoos…that’s yucky…and stop joking about it because that’s gross too. But here’s a sticker because I’m so proud of you for leaving your diaper on and telling Mommy you needed help” (Simultaneously thinking to myself: “I’m so proud you didn’t smear this all over the room and get it under. your. fingernails! EWWWWWW…what is it with this fascination???”)

Needless to say the stickers are working and we’ve managed to get through the rest of the week without an incident…THAT, makes for a very huge success in mommy-land!


3 Responses to “I think it’s best to keep it IN the diaper…”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’d say, a big success indeed! And, Miss Hope, please do not even mention eating poopoos again. I may just throw up on your behalf.

  2. Seana Says:

    Way to go Momma! Glad the stickers are working šŸ™‚ When did she start taking off her diaper and her poo fascination?? Preslie hasn’t ever taken off her diaper or asked about her poop (Or even pooped in the bathtub) and I am PRAYING very hard that she never wants too…I want to start potty training when she’s 22 months perhaps she will be interested in poop then??? YUCK!!

  3. Julie Cruz Says:

    Good for you! Rylie did that too for awhile. It KILLED me. It is just so gross. Luckily, since she is completely trained now at 24 months we are past it. Glad stickers are working for Hope! You’re lucky.

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