And so on…

The turkey turned out just fine! Well at least in our opinion…the turkey might beg to differ! 🙂 We had a little hiccup Thanksgiving morning when we realized this year’s bird was double the size of our last bird…turns out you cook them nearly the same way it just takes a bit longer to reach that coveted temp of 160…

Hope watched bits and pieces of the Macy’s Parade but went down for her nap about an hour before we ate…maybe next year…if we go this route again…

The quantity of food that was prepared and eaten at our place was outrageous and I’m nearly positive that wasn’t unique for our little celebration…only time will tell, but we may shake things up a bit next year…a little more giving, to truly express our thankfulness, and a whole lot less consumption…

I haven’t figured out how to upload pics yet but I’ll look into it…next on the agenda: one smallish playdate party for a certain 2 year old princess! Or as she pits it, “Hope 2 old”…”year” gets lost on her, but either way I agree….”2 old!”…oh WHERE did the time go?


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