won’t make the same mistake twice…

Hope has been taking one nap these days…she goes “down” a little after lunch and “sleeps” until about 4:30ish…all of this is vague for a reason. A translation of the previous sentence would read something like this: “I read to Hope for about 20 minutes prior to putting her in her bed at which point she proceeds to spend the next hour and a half unloading every book from her bookshelf onto her bed, looking through the pages of each one as she retrieves it…after she is done reading all of her books she then plays with her “goodies”…a collection of all the sweet treats that came in a plastic food set Auntie Kris gave Hope for Christmas…the doughnut, ice cream cone, cookie, etc…after she is bored of feeding her Caramel Bear all these delectable treats she will then roll about until finally settling in for a nap.

If you did the math you’ll realize that about 2 hours of this supposed nap is nothing but playtime in her bed. So I decided that it might be better to keep her up a bit longer today and let her play until she was ready for sleep…I thought this would be a good idea…famous last words.

Let’s just say that my sweet lovey girl does much better when she has time to unwind before she’s super tired. And let’s just say, keeping her up didn’t work. And let’s just say…..the fact that there is still hair in my head is evidence of God’s grace today…

The little lady, via sobs and wails, communicated loud and clear that playtime in her bed is as much a part of her nap as the actual nap itself…note to self…pick up old routine tomorrow without skipping a beat.

On another note…I’ve been doing some tossing about myself…ideas that is…and I feel settled on my next “When the Church Forgot Eternity” post…it’s in the works as well as bits and pieces of to the ways we’re greenin’ up around here…diapers included!


One Response to “won’t make the same mistake twice…”

  1. nikimarjon Says:

    Haha…I got so frustrated with Lilli playing with her toys instead of napping when she was OBVIOUSLY exhausted one day that I brought in 2 garbage bags and put all of her toys and books in them and hauled them out of the room. I told my friend Sara this and she looked at Lilli and said, “Congratulations Lilli, you have officially been grounded for the first time.”

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