“Me don’t think so…”

(I’d mentioned some other posts were forthcoming but seeing as the Internet took a break before I got around to writing them I opted to dip into my “cookie jar” of blogs…the other ones will just have to wait until I’m not chicken peckin it from my phone!)

Oh from the mouth of babes…lessons to be learned.

After pouring over the blog of a girl named Katie one post in particular stuck out to us. It’s a post she wrote on December 18th about the lesson she learned from a repeated resistance on behalf of her youngest daughter come bath time.

And it sparked some discussion the other night about the possible lessons we might be missing in our own battles opportunities to teach our terrific two-year old. This is what we came up with…

Hope is a talker…ever since the first real sentence the girl has had something to say. She’s really quite brilliant if I do say so myself! But lately there have been a few things that haven’t quite jived in this mother-daughter dynamic…one of which is “me don’t think so”. Let me paint a picture:

“Hope, let’s head inside…it’s really cold…so come on little lady, into the house we go.”

“Me don’t think so…”

Another big one for Hope lately is “Me kinda too busy…you give me one second” paired with a tucked chin and a barely there look from the corner of her eye.

But our absolute favorite is the one that comes in a very silent package…I’m calling it the “pasta-in-my-mouth-till-it-disenegrates-so-I-don’t-have-to-eat-any-more” statement. It’s a real crowd pleaser let me tell ya! Nothing says yummy like ground turkey meat, red sauce, and pasta being swished around in your toddlers mouth.

But that’s not really the point…all of the above are simply listed to explain the lessons we gleaned from our experiences with the little lady.

Lesson one, umm, did I hear someone just call me Jonah? Well, if no one did someone should have. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say there has been a time or two that I’ve, either by word or deed, said to God Most High (um, HELLO STACEY!!?) “me don’t think so”. And just as I say to Hope I’m sure God would like to have said to me a time or two, “well my child, you think wrong”. Did Jonah go to Nineveh or did Jonah go to Nineveh? Oh that I might quit telling God no…absolute foolishness because whether I get on board willingly or have to be figuratively transported via a big fish…God’s will, well, it will not be thwarted.

Lesson two, and this one pretty much runs along the same vein as lesson one but just comes in a more passively sinful package…”Me kinda too busy, you give me one second”…right…me, a clay pot telling God Most High that I just need to have a few more minutes of wallowing in my sin before I surrender to His will and ways in joyful obedience. Bad idea.

Lesson three…oh lesson three…the other night this whole let’s see how long it takes for all this pasta and red sauce to dissolve process ending with Hope’s jaw starting to hurt after she’d been holding it in her mouth for a good 30 minutes and finally spitting it out into my hand. Alex made a pretty brilliant connection regarding this one…Hope likes this food…she’s consumed mass quantities of this stuff in her short little life…and prior to this game of hers, she seemingly enjoyed pasta with red sauce. So to stop swallowing it and allowing the deliciousness of it nourish her makes no sense. Hmm…and as my hubby put it, “How many times have I had the Word of God on my lips but never ingested it and allowed it to change me?”

So there you have it…lessons the Lord is allowing us to learn from our daily grind…He’s always at work you know, it’s just a matter of whether or not we’re listening. What’s He been showing you lately?


One Response to ““Me don’t think so…””

  1. Susan Says:

    Ooooo. I loved reading this. You’ve got me thinking.
    Now what is God trying to teach me by getting me up at 5:45am with a barking one year old? 😉

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