Twisted Alley-Oop!

Our friends sent Hope a few boxes of books a while back and one in particular is on the regular rotation…there’s a line in the book about the letter being “twisted alley-oop” and Hope just loves that so now if anything gets out of order that’s how she describes it…I’ll explain momentarily…

And now momentarily has arrived:

I’ve concluded that I, am in fact, twisted alley-oop on the topic of theology…not so much in my own mind but more in my ability to articulate it…primarily because I’m very sensitive to the reality that it might come across negatively and I’d just rather not do that…but I will leave this question on the table while my own questions continue to marinate…

If we believe what we say we believe why don’t we live according to our beliefs? And if we don’t live according to our beliefs, as they stand not as we interpret them, then do we really believe what we say we believe?

On that note…there may be more of this to come…we’ll see…

And on yet another note I have a few posts in the cookie jar that are just dying to get out but I’ve recently been taking pics from my phone (note: do NOT buy a camera that requires batteries…what were we thinking? We weren’t…) and I need my h-band to show me how to load those…so they sit…


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