an update…

…on the Bunz

No, I have not thrown in the towel…I’ve actually grown quite fond of the little cotton tush covers and I’m pretty sure since an ample amount of time has passed now I can honestly say that the novelty has worn off and I’m in the groove of packing a cloth diaper bag…wet bags, check…extra diapers (that take up so much more space), check…bags for wipes (because I DRAW THE LINE on cloth wipes…no thank you), check…I should confess that at first I was kinda nervous about taking my kiddos out in public in the Bunz…just unfamiliar with ’em…but potty training Hope forced me to let go of that concern because now that I tote around a potty seat everywhere I got, well let’s just say cloth diapers seem small in comparison!

So…let’s see…oh yes, the novelty has worn off…

I would just like to report that cloth diapers have had a bad wrap (pun intended) because there is a fear…of the poo…and understandably so. But with our handy dandy little diaper sprayer hooked right up to the toilet, poo is no match for mama! Into the toilet it goes…I will however say that the disposable liners we purchased…the biodegradable ones…not so impressed with them…they were shifting and bunching quite a bit on Hope.

But the biggest and bestest part about the cloth diapers would be how rash free my babies bums have been since making the switch…just like their mama, both of our little people have very sensitive skin and I’m pretty convinced between the fragrances and synthetic materials used to make disposable diapers those little bums were destined to get irritated.

And not to mention the money that’s being saved…here comes the side note…ever since 2nd grade I’ve been a die hard conservationist…I just didn’t know that was a word…my science teacher showed us how to cut the plastic coke can connectors so fish and birds wouldn’t get tangled in them and I was sold. No more helpless critters getting hurt…done and done. Ever since then it’s been on the brain…long before it was trendy I was looking for ways to be a better steward of the world that God entrusted to us to take care of…

AND THEN…here comes the confession…although I’m all over bein a good steward, there are a few areas that have managed to avoid my conserve, recycle, live a little greener mentality…one of them is the shower…more on that another day…and the other was diapers. I just didn’t think I could bring myself to WASH DIAPERS.

So, for two years we went the disposable route.

AND THEN my second strongest character trait kicked in…around here we call it being “el cheapo”…that’s right…I’m not even going to dress it up or try to make it sound noble…I’m cheap. Plain and simple. And when we started looking over our budget from the last two years of buying diapers for Hope we  realized we had spent $1,200+ on diapers! We could have bought all the cloth diapers we would need for both little people for just under $800… at that moment I was sold…and so was Alex…cause he’s cheap too…not as cheap as I am, but pretty close. When we realized that if we done this from the get go we would have already saved $400 it was kinda a no brainer.

SO, I mustered up all my courage to embark on the journey of reusables…and as I mentioned, it’s been great…

The Fuzzi Bunz have snaps and elastic waistbands so we went with a one size fits all diaper…inserts are removed after use, it all goes in a steel trash can with mesh laundry bag liner, and then every 3-4 days I do a load of diapers…

And that’s how we arrive at today’s pic…it’s the inserts…after a couple loads of trying to stay on top of stuffing the diapers after they were laundered I determined that it was just as easy to grab a diaper and two liners right out of the basket as needed…

Currently this lovely blue laundry basket is gracing our hallway right outside Hope’s room…it’s so welcoming as we walk up the stairs don’t ya think!?!

And this works for me…no long sessions of stuffing diapers…it’s good. And the diapers…well, they’re GREAT!


One Response to “an update…”

  1. sehayes Says:

    You will think I am nuts, then.. I not only stuff the diapers, but I put a bio-liner in them too.. and stack them right next to the changing station. Hey, whatever works, right?!
    And why didn’t we do this sooner??

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