lessons over coffee…uh…blocks

“And He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” ~ Colossians 3:13 9

This morning Hope and I were building towers and such with this great little block set she has. I had just finished constructing the quaintest little neighborhood, per her instructions, when she began to move one of the little bridges. This…well, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself…here is a shot of the neighborhood just prior to the bridge re-location*:

Now, as I was saying, this bridge re-location, as you may have well guessed, caused the two blocks nearest it to move…my daughter is the sweetest little thing and noticed this problem at once.

“Oh, my fault…I fix it…”

Hope is incredibly talented however, she is only 2 and her fine motor skills are still being fine tuned. Consequently, this attempt to reposition the two misplaced blocks led to further shifting of the rest of our cozy-but-slowly-being-dismantled-neighborhood…see for yourself:

At this point that still, small voice started speaking right to my heart and it said something like this, “See darlin’…this is what happens when you take what I’ve created and set up with a certain structure and start playin with it…even you’re best intentions skew what I’ve determined to be best.”

And it got me thinking about sweet Hope and her helpful little heart to fix what she’d just rearranged. It was an accident. She’s 2. I know she’s just playing…don’t get hung up on that because those things are not  the point :). What is the point is that so often I come to the Word of God and interact with it in a manner that skews it’s original form…I may not even be doing it intentionally or with a malicious heart, just as Hope wasn’t trying to mess up her little neighborhood. But none the less, anytime I come to the Word of God and intentionally or unintentionally don’t submit myself to it as is, I’m messing up something that’s as it should be. The lesson that I heard this morning… “you come to Me and put yourself under My authority as I specify…not as you interpret”.

And let me tell ya…that’s not a lesson I’ll be hearing for the last time…but, as the picture below depicts, I know when I don’t, I’m 100% guaranteed to create a mess of whatever it is I’m a part of…this is a shot of the blocks post-I’m-getting-too-frustrated-Mama-and-so-I’ll-just-demo-the-neighborhood:

So while it’s nuts to think Hope meant any harm by demoing the entire little neighborhood, it’s also fair to say that not always do I go out intending to reinvent what the Word of God says or tweak/neglect parts that would most certainly affect my desired circumstances, plans, etc. for my life. However, what is most certain is that a mess has been made. Thankfully, my heavenly Father is so quick to rebuild what I’ve undone and heal what I’ve wounded if only I’ll come to Him and repent…commit to walk again under His terms, His way.

*These shots were staged to mimic the original neighborhood, tear down, and total demo…wasn’t Hope sweet to oblige??!!


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