it’s all about priorities…

And some days more gets done than others…and some days it seems like nothing gets done…but the absolute BEST is when the same thing doesn’t get done for nearly 3 days!

You read right…3 days these lovely lilies (non-Valentine related might I add…a bonus bouquet because Mr. Paxson knows just how much I LOVE fresh flowers in the house!) sat in an old juice jar with their plastic still on! It’s embarrassing and certainly one of the more ridiculous examples of how things just fall by the wayside around here some days.

There…isn’t that SO MUCH BETTER! And I’m just thrilled to report that nearly a week and a half later the little darlings are STILL blooming!

Oh…and I would also like to say that I don’t so much mind things not getting done in as timely a fashion as they used to because…hello! I have the two sweetest little people that need mama time and I’m more than happy to oblige!


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