growing things…

Hope has a bean bucket with lentils, black-eyed peas, and pinto beans that she loves to play with…we scoop, pour, and bury to our hearts content. I’ve read it’s great for developing those fine motor skills…and considering how often we’re picking up beans during one little session I will add that the opportunity for fine motor skills to be developed is readily available! Lately she’s been asking to play in it at all hours of the day…

Today as we were playing with the beans a fun project my teacher did with my first grade class flashed through my mind…so I looked up the instructions on how to grow beans in a baggy and so that’s what we did this morning!

However, prior to looking up the instructions I should add that I just plopped the beans in a baggy on top of a wet paper towel, sealed it, and placed it on the window sill…someday I will learn that relying on my I’ve-had-2-babies-and-my-memory-just-isn’t-the-same brain when trying to recall details from 20 years ago is not one of my brighter ideas…anyway, the situation was quickly remedied and we got on with pulling it all together!

The supplies…the beans had to soak in warm water for 15-20 minutes and I eventually put them in a glass Pyrex bowl because the water kept cooling down too quickly in this little bowl of Hope’s.

Here’s a shot of what the bean looks like after it’s soaked and been split apart…see the little part that’s just oh so eager to germinate!

And here’s a shot of my little assistant…

This is the growing station…my stapler didn’t open the way I thought it would and I don’t have any rubber bands around here so I just pulled my hair band right out and used it…a few staples along the side and we had a very nice little ledge on which to place our beans.


And my oh so sweet lovey girl, admiring our little project…can’t wait to see ’em sprout!

For complete instructions visit this website…happy sprouting!


2 Responses to “growing things…”

  1. Mom Says:

    I love looking at these pictures! What a great mom you are. Hope doesn’t know how good she’s got it!! Can’t wait to see you guys next week! Love to all. Mom

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