deeper things: confession

It is not for me to decide whether you should confess your sins to a priest or not…but if you do not, you should at least make a list on a piece of paper, and make a serious act of penance about each one of them. There is something about the mere words, you know, provided you avoid two dangers, either of sensational exaggeration – trying to work things up and make melodramatic sins out of small matters – or the opposite danger of slurring things over. It is essential to use the plain, simple, old-fashioned words that you would use about anyone else. I mean words like theft, or fornication, or hatred, instead of ‘I did not mean to be dishonest’, or ‘I was only a boy then’, or ‘I lost my temper’. I think that this steady facing of what one does know and bringing it before God, without excuses, and seriously asking for Forgiveness and Grace, and resolving as far as in one lies to do better, is the only way. ~ C.S. Lewis

What I would give to have been a fly on the wall in this man’s brain…he and Oswald Chambers both…


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