the sound that sends chills up my spine

All you mom’s know EXACTLY which sound I’m talking about.

The one that sounds like a shotgun blast out of your precious person’s southern end. Well, let’s just say I’d never heard it until today…never…not once with the little lady…and not once (until today) with the little mister…

That sound. It evokes a sense of fear in me that nothing else can. Especially when it happens while my precious little mister is laying on my CREAM COLORED DUVET COVER!

Thankfully the duvet made out okay. Good call on the extra thick sleepers the last few days.

Thank you cold weather for giving ample reason to pull them out.

To the changing table with the little mister to see how much damage had been done.

Lots. As in his ENTIRE LEFT THIGH was covered in that mustardy yellow gush. The sleeper leg was amply covered as well.

What first? Am I really this unsure of what to do first? This isn’t like me…pull it together Stacey…but yes, I am unsure…I’ve never seen a blow out this bad…change the diaper first and more will get all over him from the sleeper…sleeper off first and he’ll surely get this never-to-really-fully-come-out-of-anything poo all over the changing pad cover…leg, I’ll start by wiping off his leg…I’m sure he’ll be grateful…wiggle and maneuver him out of his sleeper then deal with diaper/bum last…good plan…go.

1, 2, 3, 4…rapidly closing in on 20 wipes to clean that little rear of his…how much longer can I breath comfortably through my mouth…?

Please son, whatever you do, DO NOT PEE IN YOUR FACE! I just don’t want to add scrambling-to-cover-your-man-parts-in-an-effort-to-keep-this-mess-to-a-minimum to my game plan…it’ll throw everything off…I’m glad you’re still smiling…or are you laughing at me…I can’t tell and I’m nearly done so I really don’t have time to wonder about that right now…

There…clean bum, clean diaper, new sleeper and minimal damage done.

Into the crib goes the little mister…still grinning from ear to ear because, well, unless someone talks too loud around him, that’s just what he does…smiles…all smiles, always.

Now WHAT TO DO WITH THIS DIAPER? Am I dreaming…did I really buy cloth diapers? Nope, not dreaming…that’s definitely a cloth diaper…full of super sticky (pardon the graphic description) breast-milk poo…Hope’s down for a nap which means no access to the diaper sprayer…straight to the wash…

Diaper blow-outs…eww…if I never hear that shotgun sound again as long as he’s in diapers it would be too soon.


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